Boat Trip

3/4 Day ( 6 hrs )
1 person$375.00
2 Person$375.00
3 Person$425.00
4 person$475.00

Shane Peirce


Bass Fishing Max 4 People

Trout Fishing Max 6 People

Branson Fish Tales

1/2 Day ( 4 hrs )
1 person$275.00
2 Person$275.00
3 Person$325.00
4 Person$375.00
5 Person [trout fish]$425.00
6 Person [trout fish]$475.00

I have 2 beautiful daughters and an amazing wife Mary (which is the best catch I have ever caught).  They are my inspiration and my greatest blessings.

I have lived in the Branson area since 2004 but have fished Table Rock Lake and Lake Taneycomo since I was a kid.  My family would come here on vacations and I fell in love with the beautiful Lakes, the Branson Area and the relaxed lifestyle here.  After years of asking Mary to move to Branson she finally agreed and now we get to call home what others call their vacation.  What an incredible blessing for which we are extremely grateful!

I hold a Real Estate license, I also own a small advertising company and I teach Bass fishing techniques at Gibson Tech, but guide fishing is my passion.  Nothing brings me a greater sense of purpose than when I can share my love and admiration for fishing in the beautiful surroundings that I have the privilege to call home.  This passion is what drives me in giving each and every one of my clients a personalized experience that they won’t forget.  Catching fish is relaxing, exhilarating, fun,  and captivating.  I want to make sure you experience all of those things and more.

As your Captain I can promise you a safe trip full of fish tales, personalized service, beautiful scenery and a memory that will last a lifetime!​

Branson Fish Tales

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Full Day ( 8 hrs )
1 person$450.00
2 Person$450.00
3 Person$500.00
4 person$550.00